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Girls Lacrosse is currently only offered at Columbus High School

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sports are offered at the high school level?

FALL - Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Softball, Spirit & Competition Cheerleading
WINTER - Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling, Rifle
SPRING - Baseball, Track, Soccer, Tennis and Golf
Girls Lacrosse is currently only offered at Columbus High School

Do I need a physical to participate on an athletic team?

Yes, you must have a current physical to participate in practice or competition. Physicals are good for one calendar year. A student-athlete must get a new physical every year.

When/where do I get a physical evaluation?

Physicals for all local high schools are conducted each May. Information regarding the date, location and time scheduled for your school can be obtained from your high school athletic director. If you are unable to attend on the scheduled date, you will need to have a physical performed by a private physician using the required GHSA form.

“My child will not be able to get a physical until after the try-out date. Can he try-out as long as we get it next week?”

No, a student must have a physical in order to be eligible to try-out for any sport.

When do rising 9th graders get a physical evaluation?

Please contact the athletic director at the high school of assignment for your child for the scheduled date/time/location.

What are the eligibility requirements for students to play high school sports?

1.51 - To be eligible to participate, practice, and/or try out in interscholastic activities, a student must be academically eligible. A student is required to pass classes that carry at least 2.5 Units (5 classes) counting toward graduation the semester immediately preceding participation.

  1. At the end of the first semester, the school must determine that the student has a grade of 70% or higher in classes carrying at least 2.5 Units.
  2. The second semester grade will be the grade given for the entire course and shall include the end-of-course test grade.
  3. Remediation programs designed to bring the student’s first semester grade up to 70% or higher may be used (in accordance with GHSA guidelines) if the school allows such programs for all students.

1.52 - Students gain or lose eligibility on the first day of the subsequent semester. The first day of the Fall semester shall be interpreted as the first date of practice for the first sport.
(a) Exception: Students who successfully complete summer school to maintain eligibility become eligible the last day of summer school.

  1. Summer school is an extension of the previous semester and courses may be: a. remedial in nature where a previously-taken course is repeated in its entirety with a new grade being given. b. enrichment in nature where a new course is taken that results in new credit being earned.
  2. A maximum of two (2) unit credits earned in summer school may be counted for eligibility purposes.

1.53 - Students must accumulate units towards graduation according to the following criteria:

  1. First-year students (entering 9th grade) are eligible academically. Second semester first-year students must have passed courses carrying at least 2.5 units the previous semester in order to participate.
  2. Second-year students must have accumulated five (5) total units in the first year, AND passed courses carrying at least 2.5 units in the previous semester.
  3. Third-year students must have accumulated eleven (11) units in the first and second years, AND passed courses carrying at least 2.5 units in the previous semester.
  4. Fourth-year students must have accumulated seventeen (17) units in the first three years, AND passed courses carrying at least 2.5 units in the previous semester.
  5. Students may accumulate the required units for participation during the school year and eligibility will be reinstated at the beginning of the next semester.

Does every student-athlete have to have parent permission to participate in extracurricular activities/sports?

Yes, every student must have a signed Parent Permission to Participate form. These can be obtained from your high school athletic director.

Does every student-athlete have to have proof of insurance before participating in any sports, tryouts, training, workouts, etc?


Can I buy insurance through the school district?

Student Insurance can be bought through a third party vendor. Please click here for information.

Am I expected to attend all practices and games?

Yes. Absences may impact student-athlete’s playing time. Student-athletes are expected to contact their coach directly if they will miss any practices/games. Excessive absences may cause the student-athlete to be removed from the team.

Does everyone make the team?

We have a large number of students who try out for our athletic teams, so unfortunately not everyone can be selected

Can my 8th grader participate in spring tryouts/workouts?

An 8th grader may participate in Spring Tryouts for a school for which they are zoned or have been accepted. They cannot work out with the team outside of tryouts.

Can my 8th grader participate in high school JV or 9th grade athletics?

No, 8th graders cannot participate in high school JV or 9th grade athletics.

Are there fees for participating in high school athletic programs?

In some cases, there will be fees for athletic participation. Student-athletes will be informed of all team/booster club related expenditures prior to any tryouts, practices, contests, or summer activities. No MCSD student-athlete will be denied participation on any athletic team due to a lack of funding.

What is MCSD policy regarding recruitment of student-athletes?

It is against the policy of MCSD and GHSA for any coach, administrator, parent, or booster of any school to engage in the practice of recruiting student-athletes. See for rules pertaining to Undue Influence.

What will be done if my student-athlete is injured?

When available, the athletic trainer will take charge of the athlete's care. For any injury more serious than a scrape or bruise, a student injury/accident report must be completed within 24 hours of the injury and will be kept on file at the school with copies sent to the school athletic director, principal, the District Athletic Office, and Risk Management.

How do I file a complaint against a coach?

The first step in filing a complaint of an athletic nature is to direct it to the Head Coach. The second step would be to contact the school Athletic Director.

What is MCSD policy regarding bad weather/lightning and cancellation of athletic contests?

Each school is responsible for determining if bad weather will affect their practice or contests. They are then responsible on cancelling the event and notifying the public. The MCSD Athletic Office is responsible for cancellations of Cross Country and Track and Field meets only.

Where do I find ticket prices for all sports/events?

Ticket prices are available on our general athletics webpage.

Where do the proceeds received from ticket sales go?

Gate proceeds are deposited into the Athletic Activity account of the host school. At football games between MCSD schools, the presale tickets sales are deposited into that schools account and the tickets sold at the gate are split 50/50. When soccer games are played at Woodruff the gate sales are split evenly between the MCSD teams playing at Woodruff.

What is the process to become a Community Coach?

The first step is to reach out to the school sport coach where you are interested in coaching. The school Athletic Director can then give you the details on the Community Coach process.

Contact Information

High School Athletic Directors

School Name Title
Carver High SchoolCorey Joyner AD
Columbus High SchoolChad Mathis AD
Hardaway High SchoolKendall Mills AD
Jordan High SchoolTony Dimitri Co-AD
Jordan High SchoolRussell Scott Co-AD
Kendrick High SchoolCollins Jones AD
Northside High SchoolMorgan Ingram AD
Shaw High SchoolAl Pellegrino AD
Shaw High SchoolPat McGregor Assistant AD
Spencer High SchoolRobert Sanders Co-AD
Spencer High SchoolPamela SmithCo-AD