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Parent Concerns

General Information

Muscogee County School District is committed to building strong relationships with our parents, students, staff and community. It is our goal to provide opportunities that allow open communication with all stakeholders to identify and solve concerns. Our motto is "We don't move problems, we solve them by communicating and working together." It must be understood that problems are best served at the lowest level so it is critical that the building principal is made aware of the concern and provided a reasonable amount of time to address it before bringing it to the district. We recommend that the principal is made aware even if the concern is the principal.

It is our goal to successfully resolve your complaint or concern should it reach this level. Please keep in mind we will speak to the principal to inquire about your specific concern in a timely manner. This will allow us to collect all the facts from all parties and determine the best response the matter.

How to file a Complaint/Concern

  1. Please make sure the school principal is aware of your complaint or concern, in writing.
  2. The school must be given reasonable time to solve the complaint or concern.
  3. Please collect your documentation that pertains to current situation and be prepared to discuss this evidence with the appropriate principal. (Emails, texts, copies, papers, screen shots and recordings)

Appeal of Complaint/Concern
If you are not satisfied with the principal's resolution of your complaint/concern, please notify the principal in writing and he or she will forward your complaint/concern to the appropriate district official(s) for review.



Contact Information

Dr. Michael Forte
Director of Student Services

Damita Thomas
Assistant to the Director of Student Services