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General Information

The Muscogee County School Board believes that all students can learn better in a safe school environment. Behavior that infringes on the safety of students will not be tolerated. Bullying, as the term is defined in Georgia law, of a student by another student is strictly prohibited. Such prohibition shall be included in the Handbook and Code of Conduct for all schools within the school system.

Students who experience bullying are encouraged to report and share information with any school district personnel. Students who want to make a report of bullying behavior in writing, may obtain and fill out a “Silent Report” form. These forms are available in the offices of school counselors and school administrative offices.

Additional reporting resources:
MCSD Student Safety/Bully Hotline: 706-748-2267
Statewide Bullying Hotline: 1-877-729-7867 / 1-877-SAY-STOP

Bullying behavior is defined as:

  1. Any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury on another person, when accompanied by an apparent present ability to do so; or
  2. Any intentional display of force such as would give the victim reason to fear or expect immediate bodily harm; or
  3. Any intentional written, verbal, or physical act, which a reasonable person would perceive as being intended to threaten, harass, or intimidate, that:
    • Causes another person substantial physical harm within the meaning of Code Section 16-5-23.1 or visible bodily harm as such term is defined in Code Section 16-5-23.1. Visible bodily harm is defined by 16-5-23.1 as bodily harm capable of being perceived by a person other than the victim;
    • Has the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s education;
    • Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment; or
    • Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.

The term applies to acts which occur on school property, on school vehicles, at designated school bus stops, or at school related functions or activities or by use of data or software that is accessed through a computer, computer system, computer network, or other electronic technology of a local school system. The term ‘bullying’ as used in this Policy also applies to cyber bullying, which is behavior that occurs through the use of electronic communication, whether or not such electronic act originated on school property or with school equipment, where such electronic communication:

  1. Is directed specifically at students or school personnel;
  2. Is maliciously intended for the purpose of threatening the safety of those specified or substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school, and
  3. Creates a reasonable fear of harm to the students’ or school personnel’s person or property or has a high likelihood of succeeding in that purpose.

For the purposes of this Rule, electronic communication includes but is not limited to any transfer of signs, signals, writings, images, sounds, data, or intelligence of any nature transmitted in whole or in part by wire, radio, electromagnetic, photo electronic or photo optical system.

Upon a finding by a school administrator that a student has either committed a bullying offense or has been a victim of bullying, the student’s parent or guardian will be notified.

Each reported incident of bullying behavior will be documented and investigated by the school principal / designee, and a disposition determined which may include suspension from school or a referral to the Student Discipline Tribunal. School district personnel will conduct follow-ups on reports as appropriate.

Any person who reports in good faith an incident of bullying, harassment, or intimidation to an appropriate school official, and who makes this report in compliance with the procedures in the school district’s policy shall be immune from civil liability for any damages caused by such reporting or any failure to remedy the reported incident.

Note that some student misconduct prohibited by this policy may also trigger responsibilities under the District’s policies preventing discrimination on the basis of Sex, Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Disability, Gender and/or Age. Individuals receiving complaints of bullying or harassment should consider both sets of District policies that prohibit both ‘bullying’ and peer harassment based on Sex, Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Disability, Gender and/or Age.

If a student in grades third through twelfth is found guilty of bullying behavior by the discipline tribunal for the third time in a school year, that student shall be assigned to an alternative school.

Any report of retaliation against a reporter of bullying will be investigated and addressed accordingly.

All schools are trained in the four step investigation process for an alleged bullying complaint. The written process is located in the document section of this website and can be down loaded. Additionally, there are resource documents that can be viewed or downloaded for your support.



Contact Information

Dr. Michael Forte
Senior Director of Student Services

Damita Thomas
Assistant to the Director of Student Services