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Graduation Coaches

Graduation coaches help provide comprehensive prevention and intervention programs for students at risk of grade retention and/or dropping out of school. They assist in identifying students in need of additional support and work with them to achieve academic and social success, as well as ensure that all identified students receive the resources and services needed to guide them toward graduation. Graduation coaches are leading the nation in implementing innovative strategies to support at-risk students.

Graduation Coaches assist identified middle school and high school students, individually and in groups, which includes but is not limited to analyzing data to identify students with potential high school graduation problems; planning, implementing and tracking individual graduation plans; identifying and resolving barriers to graduation; and facilitating smooth transitions from middle school to high school and from high school into some form of post-secondary education or work.

Essential Functions for Graduation Coaches:

  • Collaborates with faculty, administrators, and teaching and learning district resources to adapt curriculum and instruction for the purpose of meeting the needs of identified at risk students.
  • Collaborates with school leaders, counselors, and teachers for the purpose of developing systemic strategies to identify and support students.
  • Communicates regularly with parents of students identified as being at risk of not graduating for the purpose of increasing their chance of graduating.
  • Coordinates transitions and monitors schedules for high school freshmen for the purpose of helping them successfully adapt to the rigor of high school.
  • Daily attendance and punctuality are required for the purpose of ensuring the goals of the work unit can be met.
  • Develops and implements individual intervention strategies and graduation plans for the purpose of increasing the likelihood that students will stay in school and graduate.
  • Provides and submits reports as scheduled and requested for the purpose of providing information and monitoring results.
  • Provides training to middle school and high school teachers on support measures that work with identified youth for the purpose of providing additional support.
  • Tracks the progress of students for the purpose of monitoring their progress toward graduation.
  • Utilizes early warning indicators for the purpose of identifying middle and high school students who are most at risk of not graduating.


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