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School Social Work Services

General Information

The primary task of the school social worker is to provide the supportive services necessary to allow all students to make the best use of their educational opportunities as they develop their individual potential to the fullest extent. School social work service is based on an understanding of the relationship between student achievement and the influences of psychosocial development, family, community, and culture. Further, the school social worker uses specific skills and training to help resolve conflicts that arise between the school's policies and expectations and the student's background experiences. Student achievement is enhanced when these conflicts are successfully resolved. School social work is founded on the following premises:

  1. Schools and families must work together, with mutual respect, to support student achievement.
  2. Families, schools, and communities should develop and utilize resources to help students succeed in school.
  3. Students fail, misbehave, or act out for a reason and efforts must be made to understand these actions as a form of nonverbal communication.
  4. Student success is enhanced when students are helped to positively cope with social, emotional, and cultural conflicts that interfere with appropriate behavior and academic performance.
  5. Students with physical, mental, emotional, or learning disabilities must be identified and served through collaboration between regular classroom personnel and other programs including Section 504, gifted, and special education services.


Contact Information

Dr. Trikella L. Nelson 
Director of Guidance and Counseling Services


Tania Rogers 
Administrative Assistant
706-748-2226 or 706-392-2372
706-748-2227 Fax