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Muscogee County Attendance Panel


The Muscogee County Attendance Panel (MCAP), an ongoing community effort to address school attendance, will serve as an interagency resource and problem solving body to reduce chronic unexcused absences, tardiness, and high school dropout rate. This panel aims to decrease the incidence of truancy in Muscogee County through the commitments of local agencies, organizations, and individuals to promote the educational progress of children and families.


Muscogee County Attendance Panel aims to connect students and families to school and community resources to enhance school attendance.


Muscogee County Attendance Panel is a community effort to decrease the incidence of truancy.

Referral Process to the Muscogee County Attendance Panel (MCAP)

After ten (10) unexcused absences or any questionable period of chronic absenteeism detrimental to a student’s ability to attend in the classroom, the Social Worker may refer to MCAP.

MCAP referral form will be completed by the school social worker. The school social worker is also responsible for providing information that will help the Panel understand aspects of the child/family history pertinent to the case in review that would not be immediately apparent to the Panel through any other means.

A copy of the referral will be provided to MCAP members on the day of the review. All MCAP members will understand all referrals and/or information gained during the review are completely confidential.

Parental Notification

The Muscogee County Attendance Panel administrator will mail the parent/guardian a notice to appear before MCAP. Correspondence that explains laws pertaining to school attendance will accompany the MCAP notices to the parents.

The school social worker will notify parent/guardian of their MCAP review date and time. The school social worker will also mail or deliver letter to the parent(s) at the time of the referral. Families failing to appear without prior notice may be referred to Municipal and/or Juvenile Court for further action. The School Social worker will log attempts to notify parent.


  • Muscogee County Division of Family and Children Services
  • Muscogee County Health Department
  • Columbus Police Department
  • Muscogee County Sheriff Department
  • Muscogee County Marshall’s Office
  • Muscogee County Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Muscogee County School District - Lead Nurse
  • Muscogee County School District - School Security
  • Muscogee County School District- Military Liaison
  • Muscogee County Family Connections Program
  • Muscogee County New Horizon’s Program
  • Muscogee County Municipal Court Clerk’s Office
  • Muscogee County School District Project Aware
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Peachtree Mall Security
  • Muscogee County School Social Work Department
  • Overflow Outreach
  • Valley Interfaith Promise