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Student Health Services

General Information

Student Health Services is a significant component in the educational process. Healthy students learn better! Our district recognizes the importance of the health and safety of the students and staff.

The program is currently staffed by one Lead Nurse and nine Registered Nurses, who each serve a cluster of schools to assist in managing the health care and medical needs that affect students’ ability to be successful in school. There are 7 LPNs that are school based and 54 part time clinic workers. The clinic workers are located at each school and are there for half of the day.

Their focus is on health services, staff training, health education, and safe school environment.

  • The team of RNs and LPNs are committed to assist in the removal of barriers to learning that may be health related. They provide:
    • Clinic worker and staff training on all medical issues.
    • Consultation and care management for children with chronic illness or who are medically fragile in order to support all children in the educational process.
    • Monitoring of immunization status and work closely with the Health Department to identify and prevent communicable illness issues in our student population.
    • For additional information, please reference the FAQ section.