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Science 6-12

General Information

Our vision is for all students to become scientifically literate citizens capable of comprehending and analyzing personal, local, and global issues. By fostering a sense of inquiry and wonder through teacher facilitated lessons, students will make connections between science content and real-world scenarios while developing a climate of equity and empathy for all. Students will use scientific reasoning and thinking skills to problem solve, engage in scientific and engineering practices to design solutions, and work cooperatively to see the beauty and relevance of science.

Muscogee County School District science instruction is based upon the Science Georgia Standards of Excellence. These standards are designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills for all students to develop proficiency in science. The Project 2061’s Benchmarks for Science Literacy and the follow up work, A Framework for K-12 Science Education were used as the core of the standards to determine appropriate content and process skills for students.

The standards are written with the core knowledge to be mastered integrated with the science and engineering practices needed to engage in scientific inquiry and engineering design. Crosscutting concepts are used to make connections across different science disciplines. Hands-on, student-centered, and inquiry-based approaches are the emphasis of instruction.

Science consists of a way of thinking and investigating, as well a growing body of knowledge about the natural world. To become literate in science, students need to possess sufficient understanding of fundamental science content knowledge, the ability to engage in the science and engineering practices, and to use scientific and technological information correctly.

Contact Information

Melissa Niemi
Director Science Content Specialist
706-748-2155 or 706-580-0407