Transportation - Routing

General Information

Attendance area route information is available to each school online. Each school is responsible for assigning their attendance area students to the correct stop. Students may board and leave the bus only at their assigned stop, unless they have a note signed by the principal.

Middle school and high school students are required to get a bus pass from the school office. Elementary students do not use bus passes; however, for K-2 children, the school office should send a note to the driver with the child's name and stop location.

High school and middle school students inside the attendance area who live more than one and a half miles from the school and elementary students who live more than one mile from the school are eligible for bus transportation. Students on a hardship transfer are not eligible for transportation.

Bus stops are set at corners to cover entire neighborhoods. Excessive stops are not permitted. In rural or isolated areas, address stops may be approved after a supervisor checks the area for safety and good visibility. Drivers are not allowed to move or add bus stops. All changes and additions to bus routes must be approved by Transportation. Parents should call the Transportation office at 706-748-2876 to initiate a stop change request.

A student can be placed on a special education bus if his IEP requires it, or if his class placement cannot be accommodated at his attendance area school. The Special Education Department will send us a bus request; the supervisor will assign the student to a driver; and the driver will contact the parent with pickup time and start date. Parents should be aware that there is a three-five day turnaround for this process. Next-day service cannot be guaranteed.

Any address change or school change comes to us through the Special Education Department located at the Columbus Roberts Center. Please contact Randy Ruff or Debra Lewis at 706-748-3113 or 706-748-6983.