Transportation - Routing

General Information

Students attending schools within their attendance zone are automatically routed to their school, granted they have attended the same school the previous school year. Transportation must be requested for the following reasons:
  • If students are new to the Muscogee County School District (MCSD).
  • If students attended a different school from the previous year, i.e. magnet school and/or programs and prekindergarten success centers.
  • If family has relocated to a new address and is requesting transportation based on a new address within attendance zone.
  • If student has never rode the bus in previous school years, and is requesting transportation for upcoming school year.

For students requiring transportation for specialized programs, please contact the following departments before transportation can be arranged:
  1. For Special Needs transportation, please contact the Program for Exceptional Service Department (Special Education) at 706-748-2230, located at Muscogee County Public Education Center.
  2. For English to Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL), please contact Teaching and Learning-Federal Programs at 706-748-3315, located at Muscogee County Board of Education Center.
  3. For McKenney-Vento programs, please contact Program for Exceptional Service Department (Guidance Services) at 706-748-2276, located at Muscogee County Board of Education Center.

To assure students are assigned a bus in a timely manner, transportation requests must be submitted no later than July 1, 2019. Any requests received after the posted deadline may delay transportation assignments up to two weeks after the start of school. All transportation requests received are dated and handled according to submission. This deadline is extremely crucial for students attending magnet schools and/or programs.

Students may pick up bus passes from their assigned schools. Bus passes/Pre-Kindergarten tags will be available at the school’s Verification Day or up to two weeks after the start of school for new students registering after July 1. If bus pass is not available, please contact the student’s school to submit a transportation request. If your child boards a bus on a planned route, see the school administrators to request a bus pass.

The Transportation Department strives to maintain accountability of ridership to reduce overcrowded buses. Students are required to board their assigned bus ONLY. If students resides at two locations due to a custody agreement, contact the school to submit a transportation request for two bus assignments. Bus stops are set at corners to cover entire neighborhoods. Excessive stops are not permitted. In rural or isolated areas, address stops may be approved after a transportation supervisor checks the area for safety and good visibility. Drivers are not allowed to move or add bus stops. All changes and additions to bus routes must be approved by the transportation department.

Transportation does not transport students to and from day cares or any other business establishments. Transportation will be provided to student residences and/or the after-school centers listed below if resources are available:
  1. Boys and Girls Club
  2. Girls Incorporated
  3. YMCA
  4. Salvation Army
  5. Columbus Parks and Recreation

For any questions or concerns, please contact the transportation supervisor for the school of attendance. You may locate the transportation supervisor contact information by conducting following:
  1. Select Schools
  2. Select the school your child(ren) attends. For example, Mathews Elementary.
  3. Scroll to the bottom.
  4. The transportation supervisor’s contact information is provided.