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The Georgia Social Studies Fairs lead students, through competition, to learn, practice, and perfect research processes that can and should be used now and in the future to make informed decisions that impact both today and posterity. The research practices encouraged by the local, regional, and state fairs have been included in the Georgia curriculum for many years and are referred to as Information Processing Skills in the Georgia Performance Standards. They are listed on a matrix at the end of the standards for each grade level. The matrix provides the scaffolding for teaching the skills and applying them to the content addressed at each grade level. In addition, the projects provide an excellent means for applying the Common Core literacy standards in social studies. The Georgia Council for the Social Studies provides incentives, sets high standards, and celebrates student accomplishments by combining its resources with resources from a large group of higher education institutions, social studies-related agencies, and commercial representatives to sponsor regional and state competitive events. The fairs are largely volunteer efforts of adults who value these processes and want the best for the children of Georgia.

Here in Muscogee County, we hold our District Level Fair in January. Schools submit up to eight projects from their school-level competitions* to be judged at district. First place winners of the district fair then proceed to the region fair in March , with the ultimate goal of participating in the state level competition in April.

*School level Social Studies Project/Fair time lines vary, but should fall between September-December for the entire process.

Documents and Resources

Georgia Social Studies Fair Guide
GCSS Social Studies Fair Entry Form
Social Studies Fair Judges' Scoring Sheet
GCSS Social Studies Fair Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Each school has its own requirements regarding the development of a social studies project and/or participation in the social studies fair. Please contact your child's school for further clarification.

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Piper McKinnon Secondary Social Studies Content Specialist

MCSD and Southwest Regional Social Studies Fair Coordinator