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General Information

The Congress of the United States established the US Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Program in 1916. Two years later in September of 1919, Sergeant Harry Lanier established the first JROTC Program at Columbus High School; followed by Jordan, Carver, Hardaway, Spencer, Kendrick, Shaw, and Northside. The MCSD JROTC Department includes eight schools in Muscogee County School District (MCSD) and one in Chattahoochee County: Chattahoochee County High School. The Muscogee County School District and Chattahoochee County School District, Russell County School District, and Stewart County School District are partners with the United States Army to develop, mentor, train, and teach young people to become better citizens in this great nation of ours and continue lifelong learners.

In 2015, The MCSD JROTC Directorate proposes that the name of the JROTC brigade be the ‘Lighthouse Brigade’ in homage to the symbol of the Muscogee County School District. In addition to the name, the Lighthouse Brigade will also espouse four core values: PRINCIPATUS (Leadership), LITTERATURAE (Scholarship), PATRIOTISMUS (Patriotism), and PERSONAE (Character). These core values are the essence of what the JROTC Program teaches cadets, and will be the values most expected of the cadets of the Lighthouse Brigade. The MCSD JROTC Directorate requested approval from the Superintendent of Education to name the MCSD JROTC corps of cadets the Lighthouse Brigade with an effective date of January 1, 2015. The MCSD Board of Education approved the request.

The MCSD JROTC Program of Instruction is an Army-approved elective for both college-bound and vocational students in each high school. Also, JROTC can be taken in place of PE. All JROTC programs are staffed with retired officers and non-commissioned officers.


JROTC Mission: “To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens”

The U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) is one of the largest character development, character, and citizenship programs for youth in the world. JROTC's objective is to "instill in students in United States secondary educational institutions the values of citizenship, service to the United States, and personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment."

Outcomes: Expose students to various career opportunities following graduation. As a result, students are prepared to attend a college/university, technical college, military service (enlistment/officership) and enter the workforce. Thus, serving as a contributing member of society with values and ethics.

The JROTC Core Abilities

  • Character, Leadership, Patriotism, Professional, Scholarship
  • Build your capability for life-long learning
  • Communicate using verbal, non-verbal, visual and written techniques
  • Take responsibility for your actions and choices
  • Do your share as a good citizen in your school, community, country, and world
  • Treat self and others with respect
  • Apply critical thinking techniques

Extracurricular Activities

Each JROTC unit has formed and trained a competitive Air Rifle Team to compete in a GHSA Area consisting of 16 schools. This is a varsity High School competitive marksmanship sport governed by the Georgia High School Association. US Army certified and qualified Air Rifle Team coaches conduct the activity and must comply with Civilian Marksmanship Program and GHSA directives and guidelines designed for all marksmanship programs. The Rifle Season goes from December through April. A student does not have to be a US Army JROTC cadet to participate in the activity. Units participate in 10 Area matches. The Area is broken down into two divisions; north and south. The North Division consist of Central of Talbotton, Upson Lee, Harris County, Shaw, Jordan, Hardaway, Northside and Crawford County. The South Division consist of Stewart County, Carver, Kendrick, Central of Macon, Columbus, Rutland, Chattahoochee County, and Spencer. The top four (4) teams from each division will compete in the Area Championship match. The top six (6) from the Area Championship advance and compete at the State Semi-Finals. The top 24 teams from across the state of Georgia compete for the State Title hosted by Fort Benning.

Annual JROTC Ball
The Annual JROTC Ball is conducted in late January each year on a Saturday evening. JROTC participation includes: MCSD JROTC programs, Auburn, Chattahoochee County, Central of Talbot ton, Russell County, Central of Phenix City Navy JROTC, and the Smiths Station Marine JROTC, and Troup County Air Force JROTC. Music is provided by a local DJ. Refreshments are provided by the Trade Center. Cadets are dressed in the Army Service uniform, and guests are escorted in formal evening wear. Queens are crowned from each school at the start of the ceremonial evening. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. This is a great event, where memories are made.

Color Guard
Each JROTC unit has organized at least one Color Guard Team. Once again, depending upon the size of the unit, there may be as many as three color guard teams within a JROTC program. A Color Guard Team is comprised of four (4) male or female cadets who will be assigned to the positions of National Flag Bearer, Georgia State Flag or school flag, and two (2) guards. Color guard teams will also present the colors during the National Anthem during home football games and other school specific e events. These teams also compete at the local and state drill meet events. Teams that earn a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place during the fall Muscogee Drill Competition will advance to the Georgia State Drill Competition held in Griffin Georgia during the Spring Semester.

Drill Teams
Each JROTC unit will organize and maintain at least one drill team. Depending on the size of the JROTC program, there may be more than one drill team. Drill develops: Discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, personal pride, unit pride, and organization. Teams are composed of all males, all females or mixed gender group. Drill Teams develop personalized and unique drill sequences. There are 18 types of drill routines that a unit may prepare a team for local and state competitions. Teams that earn a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place during the Fall Muscogee County School District Area 5 Drill Competition will advance to the Georgia State Drill Competition held in Griffin Georgia during the Spring Semester. Drill event categories include Unarmed and Armed Drill. Unarmed Drill is when the cadets do not have a drill rifle when marching. Cadet will conduct stationary and marching movements as a group while conducting synchronized movements. Armed Drill is when the cadets have a drill rifle while conducting drill movements. There are certain movements or commands that can only be given when holding a drill rifle.

Raider Team
Raider competitions provide Area 5 JROTC Cadets a competitive program in five (5) events. The supporting objectives include ethical values and good citizenship, effective communication and logical thinking, improved physical fitness, positive self-motivation, and the skills to work as a team. The Raider Team competes in many events that test their team work and physical abilities to compete while under pressure and test their speed and endurance. These events include the One Rope Bridge, Fitness Test, 2.5 – 3.2 Mile Team Run, Cross County Rescue, and Obstacle Course. The Raider Team prepares for these events in many ways and breaks down into smaller groups within the team and rotates on a training schedule with their Team Captain. Teams are afforded the opportunity to compete in Raider meets outside of the Muscogee County School District and the Georgia State Raider Meet is held in Griffin Georgia in October. Also, teams can compete in the Spring Area 5 Raider Competition held at Harris County High School during the Spring Semester. All training is under the direct supervision of a JROTC Teacher.

JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC)
JCLC is a week-long cadet leadership training exercise conducted at the conclusion of the school in early June. The mission is to provide Army JROTC cadets from Muscogee County School District and surrounding community JROTC units an environment conducive to leadership development, good citizenship, and team development activities. Annually, 300 cadets and JROTC teachers participate. The five day camp is conducted on Fort Benning. JCLC training activities include the following: Rappelling, Confidence Course, Aquatics training, Leadership Reaction Course, Land Navigation/Map Reading and 34 foot Airborne Tower, Also, cadets participate in a variety of evening sporting events as well. Cadets are billeted at Columbus State University campus housing. JCLC is a challenging event but FUN activity for LET 2, 3 and 4 cadets.

The JROTC Cadet Resources Site features the following:

  • STEM Robotics
  • STEM - Cyber
  • Leadership Bowl
  • Academic Bowl
  • Cadet Text
  • Cadet Curriculum and games
  • Chain of Command information
  • National Essay contest
  • Web based JUMS
  • Co-Curricular Training Events
  • Cadet Reference 6th Edition
  • JROTC Ribbon Sorter

Frequently Asked Questions

JROTC is an elective, so students enroll for JROTC at the same time as other classes. For more information on joining, one should contact his or her counselor and visit your JROTC teachers.

The JROTC teachers will be happy to meet with you and answer any questions.

Yes, for each term you will receive the same credit you would for PE.

Yes. Students usually wear their uniforms one day a week and when they participate in special ceremonies. The uniform day is typically a Thursday.

No. Uniforms, books, and equipment are provided on loan from the U.S. Army. If the uniform is lost or damaged, the student is responsible for replacement of the uniform by paying the cost.

No. JROTC is a high school elective. Our mission is not to influence you to join the military in any way but to help young people become better citizens.

Leadership skills and Life skills. JROTC teachers teach leadership, critical thinking, decision making, financial planning, public speaking, check book management, history, geography, diet/nutrition, exercise, drug prevention, first aid, safety, conflict resolution, self-awareness, writing skills, study skills, problem solving, citizenship, government. JROTC is one of the “BEST” Leadership courses in high school.

Yes. We have a Drill Team, Raider Team, Rifle Team, Color Guard, Academic and Leadership Teams compete against other high school JROTC programs and some national competitions. You may participate on a voluntary basis. Also, JROTC Day is conducted annually on Fort Benning, GA.

Documents and Resources

Lighthouse Brigade Gold Book
The Four-Phase Lesson Plan
Cadet Reference Site

Contact Information

Herbert Sanders Jr. Lieutenant Colonel (Retired)
Director of Army instruction


Deadrian Dee Bryant Assistant to the Director

1830 Shepherd Drive
Columbus, GA 31906
706-748-3107 fax