Title I - Flexible Learning Program

General Information

Flexible Learning Program (FLP) is a supplemental academic intervention that is required for Priority and Focus schools. FLP allows districts to design an extended learning program tailored to meet the needs of the school and students with greatest academic need based on multiple selection criteria.

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Flexible Learning Program (FLP)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of FLP?

  1. Assist students in mastering the skills necessary to be successful during the regular school day
  2. Provide intensive academic support in identified challenging areas
  3. Prepare students to achieve at the Proficient and Distinguished Learner levels on the Georgia Milestones Assessment

Which schools in the Muscogee County School District are required to offer FLP?

Baker Middle School, Davis Elementary School, Georgetown Elementary School, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School and Rigdon Road Elementary School

Who are the tutors?

Certified, highly qualified teachers employed by the Muscogee County School District.

Where is the tutoring?

Tutoring will take place at the student’s school.

How much is tutoring?

Tutoring is free for eligible students and will be paid for by the school district.

When is tutoring?

Schools required to offer FLP must do so either before school, after school, on Saturdays or in the summer (two of these options must be chosen).

Will transportation be provided?

Yes; however, bus transportation is contingent upon the availability of bus drivers.

Why should I consider additional assistance for my child?

To ensure that students increase their academic achievement, particularly in Language Arts and Math.

What will my child study?

Students will receive extra help in the areas in which they struggle academically. A diagnostic assessment will be administered to students using Stride Academy software at the beginning of the program. Based on the assessment results, an individualized program will be designed for the student to provide instruction in the areas of need. Progress monitoring will continue at specified times throughout the year to determine student growth. A blended learning environment using computer assisted learning and direct instruction will be used to assist students in achieving specific learning goals in Language Arts and/or Math.

How will I know what my child is doing during the tutoring session?

Teachers will provide progress reports throughout the program to inform parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of each child’s progress.

Contact Information

Joanne Reynolds Title I Program Specialist - FLP & Private Schools