Title II - Private School Support

Title II Participation of Private School Students

The participation of private school students under Title II is governed by the Uniform Provisions contained in Section 14503-14509 of Part E of Title XIV of IASA. The Uniform Provisions provide for equitable participation of private school students and timely and meaningful consultation between public and private school officials. A program is designed, in consultation between public and private school officials, that meets the needs of the private school teachers and students. This program can be different from the public school program if the needs of the students are different. Timely and meaningful consultation requires that public and private school officials discuss the needs of the students and the subsequent professional development needs of the teachers before any decision is made that could adversely affect the ability of private school teachers to fully participate in the benefits of Title II. As for public school teachers, the professional development program designed for the teachers of private school children must be of high quality, sustained and intensive.

Documents and Resources

Title II Private Schools Annual Timeline
Title II Private School PL Plan
Professional Learning Resources for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness
Title II LEA Handbook
Title II, Part A Resources

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