Assessment - Student Growth Measures

General Information

While state standardized testing measures the achievement and growth of students in the four primary content areas (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies), there is no state implemented assessment to account for the progress of students in other subject areas like music, health, technology and art. Approximately 70-75% of all teachers teach these 'non-tested' subjects for at least some portion of the instructional day. For teachers of non-tested subjects, this component consists of the Georgia Department of Education (DOE) approved Student Growth Measures (SGM) utilizing growth measures developed by teachers in Muscogee County and partner Local Educational Authorities (LEA) in Georgia.

Muscogee County administers Student Growth Measures assessments at the beginning and end of each qualifying course. This allows educators to know where their students stand when a course gets underway, and provides a means to measure a student's growth in a specific subject by looking at how they improved by the year's end.